Design your own Door

Yes. Why not design your own door, many clients of ours have and very successfully - see for yourself. All the doors on this page have been made from our clients' own designs or ideas. So why not be original ? Design your own door to suit your individual taste. Or let our designers come up with a new concept or theme, either way you cant go wrong choosing an Africarve door.

When you choose an Africarve door you are buying South African craftsmanship at its very finest.  Let us help you add another asset to your home or business.

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2.A Pivot Door 1.A Pivot Door 4.A Pivot Door 3.A Pivot Door

1,000m Door Design 3/D V1B 813 Double Doors Design 3/D V1 14.A Double Doors 6.A Double Doors

1,200 Sleeper Gecko Design 1.2 Pivot Door Viking Design 40.B Yin Yang Double Doors 40.A Solid Double Doors

8.A Double Doors 8.B Pivot Door 8.C Single Door Lion Face Design


1.2 Design from Photo 1.2 V1 1.2 V2 1.2 V3


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