Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What type of wood do you use?

 We use mostly Kiaat, a top quality indigenous African hardwood . 
This hardwood is one of the most beautiful and stable woods
you can get.

Q:  Do you make any size doors and frames?

We make any size required. To do this we need the all the relevant measurements as accurately as possible.

Q:  How much does one door and frame cost?

Prices depend on the particular door and frame specifications. 
For a free quotation phone or e-mail us with your specifications. 
Contact Details

Q:  What payment methods do you accept?
A:  Telegraphic Transfers  (Swift Transfers) or Bank Drafts.

Q:  How much does shipping costs?
A:  We are currently shipping doors to the USA and other parts of the world and will include all costs to your nearest international freight airport in our quote.

Q:  Can I design my own door?
A:  Yes you can. Just e-mail us your sketch. 
See: Designing your own door.

Q:  How long from confirmed order will it take before I get my door?
A:  It will take 3 to 4 weeks to get it to the nearest freight airport.

Q:  How do I order?
A:  E-mail us with the information, that will allow us to send you a free quotation. Pricing is based on design, intricacy of the carving and the selected wood. We require a 50% deposit with your order and the balance in full prior to shipping.

Q:  What if I have a question not asked on this page?
A:  Send us a request for information by contacting us: Contact Details

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