Pivot Door Combinations

All designs supplied and installed in their frames with heavy duty brass pivot hinges and two lever brass dead-bolt locks.
 Materials first grade superior Kiaat. Construction opening needs to be 1,300mm (width) x 2,100mm (height)

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1,200 Pivot Door Design 50A with cut out for glass. Installed in frame with lock. 2nd Pic sideview 1,200 Pivot Door Design Xhosa Woman

1,200 Design 7 Abafazi with Copper 7 Abafazi - Side View 1,200 design 3D Elephant 3D Elephant - Side View

1,200 Design 3D Floral with Cut Out 1,200 design 3D 18 Hlala Panzi 1,200 Design 22A. Two Panel 22A - Side View


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