African Dancing Puppets

Each puppet is hand made and represent African ''fearies''.

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1.''NIGHT WALKERS'' (Hottentot)

Evil spirit, ghost. Constant companion is the owl or baboon. They roam the night with these eerie friends, meeting at a appointed spot, much like the European witches and their covens. Adorning themselves with human bones. Lookouts had to be posted at the graves of the newly dead as the ''Night walkers" would try to extract parts of the body shortly after burial.

2. ''TOKOLOSHE'' (Familiar of witches and sorcerers)

The malevolence behind the Tokoloshe does not spring from himself but from his evil master the sorcerer, whose main aim is to cause strife and misery amongst his fellow man. The Tokoloshe's main asset is to render himself invisible.

3. ''WITCHES''

Endowed with evil powers through a form of inoculation which is given by a fellow witch. Once inoculated they start ''practicing'' running around in the night alone or in groups, accompanied by their familiars the monkey, they flick around drops of blood and casts their spells over man and beast.

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